Pets damaged the outdoor unit

Nobody wants rodents and other pests in their homes or HVAC systems. On the other hand, pets can cause damage to parts of the HVAC system if you neglect proper maintenance or use older systems. Some cause harm (such as chewing and nesting), while others die due to not finding a way out. The following five pests can cause damage to your home’s HVAC system.

Pets damaged the outdoor unit


Because of their body shape, cockroaches can fit through small cracks. They prefer cool and dark environments so that they may nest in the air ducts. They don’t cause much damage, but you can hear them moving through the air ducts. You don’t want to keep them in your house because they can spread diseases, particularly those caused by poor hygiene, since cockroaches often visit sewerage outlets in your home. Pest control companies spray pesticides on infected areas, thereby eliminating the cockroaches. However, to avoid reinfection, you must keep your HVAC system in good working order.


A spider can squeeze into a small space. They can enter ducts, vents, and air conditioning systems if these areas are not adequately cleaned and maintained. Although spiders are not harmful to the HVAC system, many spiders are poisonous enough to harm humans and thus endanger their health.

To keep spiders away, you can use over-the-counter pesticides. Unlike cockroaches, most spiders live alone. As a result, there may only be one or two intruders. However, if you are concerned about particularly dangerous spiders, seek the advice of an HVAC professional for regular maintenance.

RATS In Air Duct

Rats enjoy crawling in small spaces and can cause significant damage to the HVAC system. They frequently construct nests in the air ducts when they get the opportunity. Rats can also chew through refrigerant lines and other HVAC components, resulting in expensive repairs. Refrigerant lines that rats internally damage are difficult to identify for inexperienced or amateur HVAC technicians. Disinfection will aid in the removal of mice and rats from your home, but don’t stop there—schedule regular HVAC maintenance to keep pests away. Our skilled technicians not only inspect the entire HVAC system but also clean specific components to alert you to potential issues.


Snakes seek out warm shelters as the weather cools. They cannot regulate their body temperature because they are cold-blooded reptiles. They occasionally nest in ducts, implying that they can breed there. You can also find them in the condenser unit because it attracts heat.

Depending on the snake’s size, they can cause damage to the air conditioner’s blades and other components. Make your home as snake-free as possible. Maintain your grey mower and weeds in the garden. Avoid making holes in your garden. If you are still concerned, purchase the sulfur powder and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your property. It is known to keep snakes away.


Large animals such as squirrels and raccoons can harm your HVAC system just as mice do. They are, fortunately, easy to hear when moving through their attic. To remove them, contact a professional pest control company. After that, you can clean up your cut. Squirrels and raccoon bites must be repaired or replaced. Drilling holes in the ducts allows hot and cool air to escape, increasing energy costs significantly. The HVAC system will use more energy if repairs are not made.

Protect Your HVAC System from Pests

Regular maintenance is the most practical solution if you don’t want pests invading your home and causing costly HVAC damage. Consider signing up for a maintenance agreement so that we can inspect and clean your home twice a year. To schedule an appointment, contact K2 Heating and Cooling today.

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