Window Air Conditioner

Does A Window AC Have to Be in A Window?

Summer is upon us and as the heat rises, you may be considering air conditioning. The central air conditioner keeps the temperature consistent throughout the house. However, it is expensive to install. Window units are ideal for small quarters. But what if the room doesn’t have any windows? Can a window air conditioner be installed without having any windows? Will the window air conditioner be damaged by the rain if placed in the window? To resolve the window issue, we consulted with our HVAC experts.

Window Air Conditioners are designed to be installed in windows. As a by-product of the cooling system, warm air and water must be discharged outside. Instead of windows, you can make a venting hole on the outside. But the best approach is to add the necessary windows.

Window Air Conditioner

How Do You Install a Window Air Conditioner Without a Window?

A window unit can be installed without windows. However, you’ll still need a way to vent the heat and by-products of the unit outside. In some cases, all required is to drill a hole in the wall and treat it as a window.

The only problem is that there is now a hole in the wall. If you do not intend to remove the AC unit, it may suffice. If air conditioning is a seasonal requirement, keep in mind that you’ll need to fill that void when winter arrives in a few months. In that case, adding a window is probably a good idea. You can use it for summer air conditioning units and close and seal the windows in the winter.

Other methods exist for capturing heat and releasing it into the environment. Some people, for example, move their heat to garages where there is no heat or running water. Some people use rebuild kits or ducts to direct heat to the outside. Unfortunately, there is no all-inclusive solution that works in every situation. Don’t try it if you don’t know how to divert heat from an air conditioner safely.

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Is it possible to install a window air conditioner in a sliding window?

Installing a window AC into a sliding window restricts its use. You can, however, install a window air conditioner if the opening can be covered with plywood.

First, determine the device’s height and width. Take a look at the vents on the sides. Then, measure the window opening. Take accurate measurements of the window. It is possible that it cannot be calculated using the window frame alone. The threshold is angular in shape. As a result, measurements will be inaccurate.

Next, make a frame. It requires two vertical pieces of wood for the height of the window and two horizontal components for the width of the air conditioner. Dry mount the HVAC unit when you have correctly assembled it. You can insert a third flat piece of wood into the frame just above the top of the air conditioner once it is in place. Plywood should be used to cover the top of the frame (the open area where the air conditioner will not be installed).

Is There Another Way to Cool a Room?

Another option is an evaporative cooler. These are sometimes preferable to dry room air conditioning. The swamp cooler humidifies the air, whereas the air conditioner dehumidifies it. If the air is already dry, it is not ideal for air conditioning. In contrast, too much water from the swamp cooler can cause mold growth if the air contains moisture.

If it is already too dangerous in a humid climate, consider using a swamp cooler, which is a direct form of evaporation. There are also indirect evaporative coolers that do not change relative humidity.

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How to Improve Air Circulation in a Room That Doesn’t Have Windows

The air conditioner may not work correctly if there are no windows in the room. You will, however, benefit from increased airflow. Here are some ideas:

  • Put in a ceiling fan.
  • Use a portable fan to keep the air moving.
  • Install a ductless mini-split air conditioner.

Place the window air conditioner in the window to get the most out of it!

Through the window, install the window air conditioner. Even if there are no windows in the room, the exhaust must be ducted out. It can be accomplished by Drilling a Hole in the wall. By-products can escape the outside world through it, much like a window. However, keep in mind that this will permanently alter the wall. At some point, reclaiming it won’t be easy. You must either repair the holes or always keep the device in place.

Another option is a portable air conditioner that can be discharged to the outside through a small hole. The third option is an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler. Finally, consider installing a ceiling fan, a portable fan, or a ductless mini-split air conditioner. Note that none of these options are on par with a proper Air-Conditioning system, central or split-type. You would always be trading something off like cooling quality, electricity bills, or maintenance costs. K2 Heating and Air Conditioning offer top-notch Air-Conditioning Services and we’ll do the math for you and select the best solution for you for absolutely no cost.


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