How Much Propane Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

How Much Propane Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

Propane Usage in Tankless Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

Do you want to know how much propane your tankless water heater consumes so that you can manage your gas bill and ensure you have enough fuel?

Tankless propane gas water heaters are an excellent way to heat water. However, you should plan ahead of time by determining how much propane you will require and how much it will cost. A propane tankless water heater typically produces 40,000 BTU per hour or 1.5 gallons daily.

Propane is a fuel gas that is well-known for conserving energy. Calculating your propane consumption can help you understand and evaluate how much energy you consume each year. Continue reading to learn how to use less gas and calculate the propane usage by the tankless water heater.

How Much Propane Does A Tankless Water Heater Consume?

According to the Energy Star program, a tankless water heater uses an average of 200 gallons of water per year. That works out to about $482 per year. The cost of running a tankless propane water heater varies greatly depending on where you live. In the United States, propane is measured in gallons but in liters everywhere else. However, we’ll use gallons rather than liters in this article because it makes more sense. How many gallons will you require?

If your family consists of only two people, you require only 15 gallons of water. 25 for three to four people, 35 to 40 for five or more.

This estimate considers the weather, the quality of the water, and the cost of maintaining the tankless water heater. Begin by learning about the capabilities of your tankless water heater. Propane only costs $2.20 per gallon. So, based on the costs, a two-person household will require 33$ per month.

A family of three to four people should budget $55 per month, while a family of five or more should budget between $77 and $88 per month.

The amount of propane used by a tankless water heater is determined by its size and cost. How much energy is required to heat a specific room? A large, expensive heater requires more propane than a small, inexpensive one. The amount of propane needed is also determined by how well the heater works. Tankless water heaters that work well use less propane than those that don’t. Finally, the temperature outside influences how much propane is required to heat a specific area. You’ll need more propane when it’s cold outside than warm outside.

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Factors Affecting The Propane Usage Calculation.

Duration Of Use In Hours.

The more you use your water heater, the more propane it requires. Furthermore, different activities at home necessitate varying amounts of it. You’ll be able to tell which household tasks are best for your propane tankless system over time.

For example, you could take a hot shower without stopping for 10 hours or more, but it would require more propane to be as hot as the first 10-minute hot shower in the morning. The GPM of different types of fixtures affects how much propane they use.

How Hot Or Cold Is The Groundwater?

Although it is obvious that propane saves your family money on energy, you should also consider its overall energy efficiency. The first thing you should pay attention to is your surroundings.

One of the most important ways to save propane is to consider your location before installing your new tankless water heater system in your home.

Heat water will take too long if you live in the cold north. As a result, more propane will be required to heat the water inside. Remember that as the water absorbs more heat, it becomes colder. So, if you live in a colder climate, you’ll need a cold-weather water heater. In general, the temperature of the surrounding environment has a significant impact on how propane is burned.

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Hard Water.

If the water source is hard, you must purchase a water softener. You can save more propane if the water where you live is softer.

How Big Is The Family?

The larger the family, the more propane is consumed. Smaller households can anticipate lower costs. A two-person home will use approximately 15 gallons per month, whereas a five-or six-person household will use approximately 40 to 50 gallons per month.

Different family members have different interests. This item alone significantly affects the amount of propane used overall. This must be considered because each family’s way of life is unique.

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How Big Is A Water Heater?

Tankless water heater models save water in a variety of ways. Consider the BTU rating first. It will display how much propane is consumed each hour. Second, a lot of water is flowing through.

If your model has a larger capacity, it will be more effective at converting warm water to hot water.

This is because larger systems can heat more water simultaneously with the same energy as smaller systems. It simply means that the more GPM the pump has, the less propane is used.

How To Reduce Energy and Propane Consumption

If your current water heater will last another few years, you may not need to replace it. Instead, you can do a few things to improve the performance of your water heater and save money on gas.

Remove Sediment Buildup.

Sediment buildup can make it difficult for your water heater to operate. Depending on where your water comes from, you should clean your water heater once or twice a year. When minerals like calcium and magnesium are heated, they degrade into tiny silt particles. Healthy water should be cleaned twice yearly to keep the heater from breaking.

Maintain Your Heater.

It is critical to keep up with maintenance. You can avoid costly repairs or replacements if you keep your water heater’s working parts in good condition. Maintaining a smooth and efficient operation will also save you money on propane costs. If you need help with what to do, consult the owner’s manual. If you suspect something isn’t working properly, you can have an expert plumber inspect it.

Wrap Your Water Heater In Insulation.

You can also insulate your water heater to help it maintain heat and run more efficiently. As previously stated, modern water heaters are designed to reduce heat loss from standing water (the heat it loses while being dormant). An insulating jacket can help keep heat inside, no matter your water heater.

Reduce the Amount Of Hot Water You Use.

Reduce the number of times you run the hot water tap to save money on propane. Less frequent hot water usage necessitates less frequent tank refilling. The total amount of propane used will decrease as a result.

Even small changes, such as washing with cold water, only doing full loads, and loading the dishwasher before turning it on, can make a big difference. These subtle changes affect the frequency and amount of hot water a home requires.

Maintain Your Equipment.

If you want to save money on your water heater’s propane costs, replacing older hot-water-using appliances is a good place to start. Many companies are developing less energy products to reduce their environmental impact.

As a result of this competition, you can find products that will save you money over time, such as a new water heater that uses less gas. Spending money now on less expensive but higher-quality items will save you money later.


Calculating how much propane you’ve used is simpler than you think. You can keep your propane consumption under control if you plan ahead of time. Keep sight of what factors influence your spending habits. It will assist you in focusing on the specifics that require your attention. You can now calculate how much propane you’ll need for your tankless water heater. Estimate your propane consumption and make necessary adjustments.


How much propane is used by a propane water heater?

On average, propane gas water heaters consume 1.5 gallons of water per day. You should use 200-300 gallons per year.

How much power does a propane tankless water heater consume?

Tankless water heaters use 6.76-9.80 therms per month (about 198-287 kWh per month) on average. This consumes approximately 24-34 percent less energy than a comparable storage tank water heater. As a result, tankless water heaters can help you save money on your monthly energy bill.

Is a propane tankless water heater preferable?

A tankless water heater, typically fueled by propane, is an excellent way to save money on energy while heating water more efficiently.

How to compute propane consumption?

One thousand square feet will use approximately 440 gallons of water per year. Each year, 1,500 square feet will consume 670 gallons of water. Two thousand square feet will use up to 900 gallons of water annually.


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