How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace Blower?

How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace Blower?

Anyone who owns a furnace understands how difficult it is to sleep with a large furnace fan running. Increasing the fan speed does not make the noise go away. Turning off your furnace can also be dangerous if you live in a cold climate. To eliminate noise, a thorough furnace repair procedure is required.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to quiet a noisy furnace fan. Let us examine them more closely.

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1. Locate And Replace Any Loose Parts:

Loose parts can produce noise. An air compressor that forces hot air through the system is what a furnace fan is. Loose parts, such as Belts and screws, can wobble and howl the fan. Inspect all belts for damage or wear and replace any that are damaged or worn. Check for loose fan and vent screws, and tighten as needed. Check both screws if your furnace has two separate fan assemblies (one on each side).

2. Replace Any Damaged Insulation:

Howling noises can be caused by air flowing in and around other parts of your home if the insulation on your furnace is damaged. This should be replaced with high-quality insulation to keep it from moving again. This will take some time, but it is the most effective way to stop howling noises.

You can also use insulation spray or foam in the small crevices around the furnace fan. This keeps air from flowing through these spaces and making noise while also increasing energy efficiency by preventing heat loss.

3. Set Up The Furnace Motor:

If the movement of the furnace fan causes the howling noise, attach the fan to the housing with screws. If the squeal occurs when the motor is starting or stopping, make sure nothing is obstructing rotation and that no loose belts are rubbing against anything else in the furnace system.

I want to inspect the entire area around the furnace motor and repair any loose screws, belts, or other motor-attached parts. Check to see if your existing rubber mounts are in good condition. Examine the fasteners that connect the motor to the chassis. Faulty fasteners can cause a noisy furnace fan.

4. Make Use of a Return Air Duct

Another way to quiet a noisy furnace fan is to inspect the return air duct. The return air duct of most furnaces has a grille that can cause significant howling. To make the job easier, turn off the power and cover all other feeds if the howling is coming from this area. If that doesn’t work, try directing the table fan toward the duct’s howling side. This is an excellent way to circulate air, relax, and aid in the elimination of howling problems.

5. Change or Repair Engine Mounting Gaskets.

If everything else fails, replace the engine mount grommets. It has the potential to make the fan roar. It’s a quick and simple fix, but before you try it, turn off your furnace.

6. Oil Furnace Motors And Parts

If you haven’t used your Howling Furnace in a long time, the engine may be dry from disuse. Before turning on the furnace, add oil to the fan shaft and spin everything. This also aids in the resolution of other noisy engine issues. So keep this in mind when performing routine maintenance.

7. Installed Furnace On Support Beam:

This is a more expensive but very effective solution. You may be wondering if your Howling Furnace’s constant noise caused the damage. In this case, tightly mounting the fan motor to the support beam will eliminate whining and other noises caused by movement within the furnace.

8. Replace The Noisy Blower Fan:

For a variety of reasons, howling furnace fans can be extremely loud. This is because motor bearings usually need to be lubricated or replaced entirely. When this occurs, you will notice how Loud The Noise becomes over time and howling until it finally begins howling in the house.

It is very simple to eliminate the howling noise caused by noisy fans. When you’re ready, lubricate the bearings yourself or have someone else do it for you. If desired, the blower motor can be completely replaced.

Compare the furnace’s noise when the fan is turned off to the noise when the fan is turned on. If there is no squealing, the bearings are probably fine and only require lubrication.

When the furnace fan makes a lot of noise in your home, turn it off. This indicates that the bearing is faulty and should be replaced or lubricated as soon as possible.

9. Adjust The Speed Of The Furnace Fan:

It’s a good idea to set the furnace to a speed that works for your home once it’s installed. If the fan in your furnace is making a moderate amount of noise, reduce the speed and see if that helps.

It is best to increase or decrease the furnace speed while in use gradually. If you gradually increase the fan speed and still hear howling, try increasing it very slowly (i.e., at a one-speed setting) and seeing how it behaves.

If increasing the speed makes little difference, consider gradually decreasing the speed until you find the sweet spot.

10. Adjust The Furnace Fan’s Direction:

Some furnaces have adjustable fan blade placements, which allow you to adjust the fan blades to ensure proper fan blade spacing. By drawing air through vents and ducts, this feature helps to reduce furnace fan noise.

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Leave It to The Experts How to Quiet Your Noisy Furnace:

If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, hiring a team of experts to quiet your furnace is your best bet. Please contact us if you need effective and dependable solutions to noisy furnace fans.


Why’s my furnace fan sounding like a jet engine?

Blocked or closed vents can increase sound pressure as the furnace’s blower motor and fan push air through, producing a “jet engine” sound.

How do I lubricate the blower on my furnace?

To each port, apply two or three drops of 10-weight nondetergent motor oil (not all-purpose oil). Avoid over-lubrication. If the blower shaft has oil ports, the same procedure should be followed to lubricate it. You’ll most likely need to remove an access plate to access the ports.

Why’s my furnace sounding like an airplane taking off?

The sound of the furnace is similar to that of a jet engine. It’s usually a gas issue if your furnace sounds like an airplane or jet engine taking off. A line or valve could be leaking gas. You may have a faulty heat exchanger leaking gas if you hear a click before the swooshing sound.

Is there a way to make my furnace quieter?

Try adding sound insulation to the system if you want to know how to quiet a noisy furnace blower. Melamine foam can be installed next to the blower intake. Use steel wire to secure the foam so the furnace blower does not suck it in.

Why is my furnace blower making such a noise?

Your blower motor pushes warm air from your furnace and your home’s air ducts. To maintain performance and function over time, the blower motor requires routine lubrication and often a specific type of lubrication. Otherwise, the fan may seize and produce a loud noise (and an even louder repair bill).


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