How To Relight A Pilot Light On A Furnace

How To Relight A Pilot Light On A Furnace

Your home’s heating system is a complex assembly of interrelated components, but fortunately once in a while, you’ll only have to deal with the pilot light. This small flame at the base of your gas Furnace burners provides ignition for the main burner. When it goes out, you can usually relight it yourself with little effort.

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How To Relight A Furnace Pilot

If the pilot light on your gas furnace is out and you want to try lighting it yourself, here’s what to do:

  • Locate your furnace’s pilot control knob or wheel. It is usually behind an access panel near the bottom of the furnace with “On” and “Off” marks. – if you can’t find it, look in your owner’s manual for guidance.
  • Turn the pilot switch to the “Off” position. Wait for 10 minutes for the furnace to fully shut down.
  • Set the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature (or turn it off) as a safety measure.
  • While waiting, locate where the burner should be lit. Follow the pipe where the gas is coming out from. This is where you will light the fire.
  • Now, turn the pilot and push it inwards. Wait to hear the gas calling and while keep pushing, Use a fireplace match or long butane lighter to carefully re-light the pilot light.
  • Keep pushing the pilot in for another 2 minutes while the burner is lighting on.
  • After a minute or two, release the pilot and bring it to the “on” position.
  • Wait about 15 minutes for any gas that is leaking in your furnace to burn away, and then turn on the thermostat. Turn on the blower if you have one – this will help circulate air through your system and quickly warm up your home.
  • Vacate the room until you hear the furnace fire up, and continue to leave all of its doors and windows closed until it shuts down again. This is an important safety step so no further gas leaks into your home. Don’t turn on any electrical switches or appliances until you’re sure the furnace has shut down completely.
  • If the pilot light isn’t lit after performing the above steps twice or more, or won’t stay lit for long, contact a professional to service your furnace.

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Call Experts If You Are Having Trouble Relighting Pilot Light:

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