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How To Reset the Filter on A GE Air Conditioner?

You might need to reset the filter if your circuit breaker has tripped or if you’ve replaced a part of the air conditioner. In any case, exactly how would you do this on a GE air conditioner? We investigated these cooling systems to provide you with an answer.

Most modern GE air conditioners have an LED light that reminds you when it’s time to change the air filter. Most of the time, these lights turn on after 250 hours of operation. While cleaning or replacing the filter, press the filter light button to reset it. It is best to replace or clean the air filter beforehand if it is blocked up and preventing the wind current from flowing.

The unique feature of most GE air conditioning systems is that they come with numerous cutting-edge features that make them simple to use and maintain. Please read on to learn how to clean the filters and operate these units.

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GE air conditioner

Why Is the Red Blinking light on My GE Air Conditioner?

There are several causes for red lights on your GE air conditioner flicker. The most common problems that could cause the device to flicker are listed below:

The Capacitor Is Faulty or Breaking Down

One of the essential components of an air conditioning system unit is the capacitor. It utilizes power to store energy and functions similar to a battery. Additionally, it enables the unit to start and stop according to its temperature settings.

A few capacitors might control the blower and condenser fan of the unit. Therefore, if this component fails or weakens, the blower and the fan may stop operating, rendering the device useless.

It’s best to have your capacitor professionally analyzed immediately if you think it might be weak. Ignoring the problem might cause damage to the blower and the condenser fan, which would mean more maintenance expenses.

Unreliable Wire Connection

If a circuit or wiring problem with the device arises unexpectedly, a light might start to blink. It frequently occurs when wires become disengaged and extinguished. In the unlikely event of a power surge, the device will typically turn off due to the unusually high voltage level.

The temperature switches, blown fluid line sensors, and pressure switches are just a few of the things that can cause a blinking red light. These cooling units will probably experience a few circuit problems as they age.

A flickering red light might indicate that such a problem might be occurring with the unit. If you believe your unit has a circuit problem, refer to your client guide for instructions. If you’re unsure, it’s best to call an HVAC specialist to help diagnose and repair the unit.

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The Compressor or Contactor Has A Problem

The unit will occasionally begin to squint, leading you to believe that there is a problem with the hired help or the blower.

A hardcore breaker is included with GE cooling units at the unit’s exterior door (the contactor). The cooling unit must be scheduled to turn on and off when the hired worker performs their duties properly to maintain the desired temperature.

The blower’s fan, however, will never again function if the contactor or blower is defective. The condenser, however, will continue to operate. The cooling system will eventually become disturbed, overheat, and wear out. If this is the case, you’ll likely need to replace the contact and blowers.

Condenser fan malfunction                                             

As previously stated, a damaged or depleted capacitor will place additional strain on the fan motor causing it to wear out. The air conditioning system light may flicker if the fan motor becomes defective, signaling the need for a replacement or repair.

How Can I Clean My GE Air Conditioner’s Filter?

It’s pretty simple to clean the filter on a GE air conditioner. The steps to making it happen are as follows:

  1. Turn the device off

Both the device and the power string should be switched off. To separate the hooks, you might need to pull them out from the unit’s base or side.

  1. Clean the filter.

To clean the filter, use a hand vacuum or one with a brush attachment. Make sure to remove the trash inside the metal matrix and in each of the four corners where it might gather. You will need to clean the filter if the vacuum doesn’t get rid of all the dirt and debris.

  1. Spray and clean the filter.

If the filter is dirty, it is best to first submerge it in a solution of baking soda and water to eliminate debris and potential odor. The solution can be made with a gallon of warm water and a portion of baking soda.

It’s best to submerge the filter in a bathtub or a sink. When cleaning the filter, use a regular dishwashing detergent and a soft scouring brush (or a dispensable toothbrush).

Wire metal brushes should not be used on the filter as they can damage the metal matrix. After that, rinse the filter in cool water and let it air dry before replacing it in the appliance.

If you don’t want to clean the filter in the sink or bathtub, use a water hose with a splash connection to do it while you’re racing.

Any solidified trash and soil should be able to be removed with the sprayer’s power. Avoid damaging the filter by keeping the sprayer 8 to 10 inches away from it.

How frequently must AC filters be changed?

The frequency with which you should change your air filter depends on where you live, how big your house is, and how big your air conditioning system is. HVAC experts advise homeowners to change their filter at least once per month or more frequently as needed.

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Reset the filter yourself with ease!

Maintaining your GE air conditioning system requires being consistent with filter replacements and additions. The air filter is crucial in maintaining the machine’s proper operation. So, if you see the filter light turn on, make sure to check the filter as soon as possible.


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