Honeywell Air Purifier Says Check Pre Filter – What To Do?

Honeywell Air Purifier Says Check Pre Filter – What To Do?

Honeywell air purifiers help eliminate odors and improve airflow inside the home. However, it can be aggravating when the unit begins to display errors. Don’t know what to do when your Honeywell air purifier’s “Check Pre-Filter” function is activated? We researched so you didn’t have to!

When the pre-filter on your Honeywell air purifier is clogged with dirt and needs to be replaced, the “Check Pre-Filter” light will illuminate. Replace the pre-filter and press the “Check Pre-Filter” button for 2 seconds until the light stops blinking. Following this, your air purifier should resume normal operation.

It can be overwhelming when your air purifier displays error messages. Read on if you’re wondering how to stop the error lights from blinking.

When And How Should The Pre-Filter In My Honeywell Air Purifier Be Replaced?

Pre-filters for Honeywell air purifiers are used to remove odors and smoke. We recommend replacing the carbon pre-filter every three months, as opposed to the HEPA filter, which can last up to three to five years, depending on how frequently you use the air purifier. The air cleaner motor will require more energy if the pre-filter is already clogged with large residues of dirt and air pollutants, as the clogged pre-filter prevents proper air conditioning.

You can inspect the air filter every week to ensure that the pre-filter is in good condition, or you can check the pre-filter light on the unit to see if the pre-filter needs to be replaced.

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Follow This Simple Guide To Replace The Pre-Filter.

  1. Turn off the device and unplug the power cord to avoid electrical hazards.
  2. Remove the air cleaner’s front grille. To do so, press and hold the top right corner until it clicks.
  3. Take out the pre-filter. A pre-filter is a black rectangular filter in front of the main HEPA filter.
  4. Place the new charcoal prefilter into the tab and secure it.
  5. Replace the grill and turn the unit on.
  6. Press the Check Prefilter button for 2 seconds or until the light stops flashing.

Can The Filters In Honeywell Air Purifiers Be Washed?

The HEPA filter can be vacuumed twice a year, but reusing the activated carbon pre-filter is not recommended if you want the pre-filter to continue filtering odors and smoke.

After three months of use, the activated carbon prefilter no longer removes odors and smoke. It is still capable of filtering visible air particles. Some filters can be washed with water, but doing so enlarges the filter’s pores, allowing it to trap contaminants in the air.

Why Should You Use A Pre-Filter In Your Air Purifier?

Remember that the activated carbon prefilter is your air purifier’s first line of defense. Captures visible particles like dust. Because primary HEPA filters have a fine mesh, they are easily clogged by large airborne contaminants. Before the main filter, the air is filtered by an activated carbon prefilter.

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Furthermore, by catching large particles before they reach the primary HEPA filter, the pre-filter extends the life of the primary HEPA filter. Carbon prefilters can also neutralize volatile organic compounds. These are the gases that, if consumed, can harm one’s health.

The pre-filter has a shorter lifespan than the main HEPA filter, but it is made of less expensive materials and, thus, cheaper than the main filter.

Is It Safe To Leave My Air Purifier Running All Day?

Yes, I am capable. Air purifiers are intended to keep contaminants out of indoor air. On the other hand, running an air purifier all day consumes more energy. Furthermore, the filter may need to be replaced or cleaned more frequently. If you use your air purifier all day, set it to the lowest to reduce noise. Honeywell air purifiers have indicator lights alerting when it’s time to replace the filter. These indicator lights can be found on the top left side of your Honeywell Air Purifier.

Can I Use The Air Purifier While Sleeping?

Using it at night will adjust the air purifier’s operation, allowing you to sleep soundly. According to research, air purifiers can help improve sleep quality by circulating cleaner air in a room. Cleansers assist in the removal of pollutants that irritate the lungs, nose, and eyes. This relaxes the body during sleep by removing toxins from the breathing zone.

Furthermore, air purifiers don’t make as much noise as air conditioners, so they’re less likely to disrupt sleep.


Because of their health benefits, air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. Always watch the filter and prefilter lights on your Honeywell air purifier. A clean pre-filter does more than simply purify the air in your home. It also contributes to the longevity of your device.

You should also make certain that you are breathing clean air that is free of harmful pollutants. Cleaning filters and air purifiers is one method you must employ.


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