How can a Burning Smell be Avoided

How can a Burning Smell be Avoided when you Turn On your Heating Unit?

A burning smell from your Heating Unit may seem like a serious problem and it should be taken seriously unless it starts off with the first run of the heater and vanishes right away. You should know what odors are normal and when to get expert help. With the proper preventive maintenance, you can save yourself the headache of a suddenly broken HVAC system and keep your home warm.

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Why is there a Burning Smell Coming from Your Heater?

A burning smell coming from a heater could be an indication of a fire or malfunction. Heaters are a major source of indoor air pollution, emitting smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful byproducts.

Here, we’re mentioning some of the reasons causing your heater to smell like burning:

  • Dust settles within the heating systems in the spring, summer, and fall while they are resting. Many homeowners are aware of this and take steps to prevent dust from settling on their equipment by scheduling annual furnace inspections.
  • Dirty or clogged furnace filters are one of the biggest sources of heating system malfunctioning. If you are sensing a burning or misty smell emanating out of your vents, check your filters. If they are dirty or clogged, changing them may solve the problem. If the smell persists, call an HVAC expert.
  • A heater with a burning smell may have a faulty part or damaged electrical wiring. In these types of situations, getting a proper diagnosis is a key element. A full-furnace repair by an expert HVAC service company can prevent you from any larger issue.

How can a Burning Smell be Avoided

Signs that something is wrong with your Heating Unit:

While some smells are normal when you fire up your heater for the first time or have it serviced, others could be signs that something is wrong with your unit. You may be noticing:

  • Burning smell
  • Sweet aroma
  • Oily odor
  • Chemical-like scent

If you notice any of these smells coming from your heater’s vents, contact your local heating services company, instantly.

How can a Burning Smell Be Avoided?

The best way to avoid unpleasant heater smells is to schedule regular preventive maintenance on your unit with an HVAC professional. Our heating and cooling systems require a maintenance service at least once a year, sometimes twice for certain types of units. During these service visits, the units get proper cleaning and tunning, as well as a thorough inspection for any kind of serious mechanical or electrical issues.

Besides getting maintenance, we recommend you take several precautions before you use a heater:

  1. Never use any fuel other than what the manufacturer recommends.
  2. Ensure that there is proper ventilation and that the area is well-ventilated.
  3. Do not put anything on top of the heaters.
  4. Be careful when using them next to furniture or curtains.

If your home still develops a burning smell from your heating system, turn off your heating unit and call an HVAC technician immediately to identify the cause.

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How can a Burning Smell be Avoided

Contact an HVAC expert so he can assist you with How can a Burning Smell be Avoided:

Don’t be intimidated by a smell when you turn on your heater. K2 Mechanical has the solution! Avoid the odor with a heating tune-up in the fall and contact us for furnace repairs performed by our certified technicians.


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