How To Reset A Trane Electric Furnace

How To Reset A Trane Electric Furnace

Trane furnaces provide a cost-effective and dependable source of heat during the winter. However, as with other furnace brands, functional issues can arise. A manual reset is helpful in this situation. But how do you turn the Trane furnace back on? Is the procedure consistent across models? We are researching Trane furnaces, and this post will answer these questions.

To reset the following Trane furnace model:

Trane XE80, XR80, and XR90 models: The reset button on these furnace models is usually located near the burner. The button is typically found on the rollout switch and is linked to the two wires on the opposite side. The button is approximately the size of a coin. It is also possible for it to be red. To initiate the reset, press the switch once.

If you can’t find the button, consult the user manual to determine its precise location. Of course, you can always use the circuit breaker to perform a manual reset.

Trane XV80 and Trane XV95:

For these models, turn off your device, open the control panel, and locate the reset button. Then, lift the fan compartment cover to reveal a reset button near the fan motor and wheels. Look for the small yellow or red button on the side of the motor and press it if it hasn’t already. If this does not work, try resetting the furnace with a circuit breaker.

Suppose you’re new to dealing with electric furnace problems. In that case, it’s a good idea to consult the owner’s manual to locate the reset and key feature buttons. This makes troubleshooting the stove easier. Read on for more information on Trane furnaces and whether a manual reset is necessary.

What is the location of the electric furnace’s reset button?

The location of the reset button on an electric furnace varies according to model and brand. It is, however, usually located near the control panel. To gain access, you must first remove the furnace’s front panel. Many models include a limit switch as well as a reset button. To initiate a reset, buttons are frequently located at the top of the switch and must be pressed. If resetting or other troubleshooting fails, we recommend contacting an experienced technician.

When should I reset the furnace?

Resetting the furnace can sometimes restore the settings and resolve operational issues. Here are some common reasons for performing a reset:

The furnace no longer produces hot air.

The fan motor, thermostat, or heat exchanger may malfunction if the stove is not blowing hot air. However, once the problem has been resolved, we recommend that you perform a manual reset to return the furnace to factory settings. Operational issues can trigger the reset button.

The furnace keeps turning on and off.

When the outside temperature is below freezing, you may need to keep the stove on all the time to maintain a comfortable room temperature inside. If not, this could indicate a serious issue with the furnace.

Typically, the solution is to replace the air filter or repair the broken thermostat. Following that, it is advised to reset the furnace and restart it quickly. Start a new heating cycle after resetting the furnace.

The Blower Is Always Running

The most common cause is that the thermostat has the “fan on” setting. As a result, the blower is always operational. The blower motor will fail in minutes, and no hot air will be produced. When the temperature rises, the limit switch shuts down the furnace. In this case, you can reset the thermostat to prevent the limit switch from reactivating.

However, before doing so, switch the thermostat from “fan on” to an automatic or pre-programmed setting. It enables the fan to operate only when the HVAC system reaches a predetermined temperature for heating.

The Furnace Is Making a Loud Noise

Consider a high-pitched squeak, a loud knock, or a buzz from the furnace. When this happens, it usually means that the component has failed or is about to fail. In many cases, this will activate the reset button on the furnace. It is common when the blower motor or fan fails.

However, strange noises from the heat exchanger may be heard. After replacing parts, it’s a good idea to reset the furnace to prevent it from tripping on its own.

There may be a problem with the furnace blower motor if it makes an unusual noise. Read our post, Are furnace blower motors interchangeable? to know if it is properly working.

The electronic igniter is faulty.

Electric furnaces, like gas furnaces, can develop problems over time. The electronic ignition may fail if the electric furnace is over ten years old. In that case, it must be completely replaced. In addition, after replacing the furnace, the contractor usually resets it to remove all previous settings.

Is your furnace leaking water in summer? Read Water leaking from the furnace in summer to solve the problem.

What happens if I restart the furnace?

The furnace reset button is a safety feature that automatically shuts down the furnace if it detects a problem. The most common problems are furnace trips caused by overheating or circuit breaker issues. You can, however, use the reset button if you are experiencing other operational issues, such as blower motor or fan problems, heat exchanger problems, or electric ignition problems.

What causes the Trane furnace to flash red?

There is a problem with the Trane furnace if it is flashing red. The order of the flashes can indicate a variety of things. Let’s start with the most common:

  • Two blinks indicate that the system has been locked due to a fatal component error.
  • Three blinks indicate a problem with the pull pressure.
  • A Trane furnace blinking four times indicates a problem with the temperature limiting circuit.
  • Five flashes indicate the presence of a flame in the furnace. We recommend turning it completely off. Contact an HVAC technician in this case.
  • If it flashes six times, the furnace voltage or power is low.
  • If the red light continues to blink, it usually indicates that the defective circuit board needs to be replaced.

What causes the Trane furnace light to flash four times?

Four flashing lights typically indicate a problem with the temperature limiting circuit.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Trane furnace reset button works for various reasons. We recommend consulting the owner’s manual for instructions on resetting a specific Trane furnace model. Assume you notice the stove light flashing. If this occurs, it usually indicates that the device is experiencing an operational issue. For troubleshooting methods, consult the user manual.

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