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Simple Tips To Increase AC’s Cooling Performance In Your Home Or Business

How To Increase AC's Cooling Performance In The Room

As the use of air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for any residential or commercial setting, it becomes more important to be aware of what you can do to maximize your air conditioning unit鈥檚 cooling efficiency yet keep the energy bill in control. This article looks at how you can increase your AC’s cooling performance.

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How To Increase AC’s Cooling Performance In The Room

We’ll discuss how you can increase your AC’s cooling performance:

Checking Your Windows For Any Air Leaks:

Air leaks from the inside and outside of your home can lead to increased cooling costs and make you uncomfortable. This is because internal air leaks can cause the AC compressor to work harder, and external air leaks lead to higher energy bills as well as drafts on your home. Your HVAC system is designed to operate at its most efficient when there are no air leaks in or around your home.

Make Sure The House Is Well-Insulated:

Good insulation can drastically improve your AC鈥檚 cooling performance because a well-insulated house will stay comfortable longer, even when the temperature is high outside. Experts recommend that you should have at least R-38 or greater in your attic to prevent heat from entering the house through the roof. If you have less than this, you should consider adding R-38 insulation to prevent heat from entering your attic and making your home more energy-efficient.

Keep Your Blinds Closed During The Day:

How To Increase AC's Cooling Performance In The Room

In the summer months, UV radiation from sunlight can add significant heat to a room, especially if you have dark-colored flooring, walls, or furniture. Closed blinds will help prevent this radiant heat from entering your room while keeping inside temperatures cooler by reducing the solar load on the AC unit.

Clean Your AC Unit:

This may sound counterintuitive, but an unclean unit will affect how efficiently the AC can expel heat. If you have pets or children make sure they are not climbing onto or playing near your AC unit as their fur and fingers contain oils that can clog vents and filters.

Preventive Maintenance Of The Unit:

It is a known fact that air conditioning units break down more often during the summer months when they are at their most heavily used. This makes Preventive Maintenance of the system an important part of keeping it running efficiently. Regularly scheduled inspections and tune-ups will help to ensure that your AC unit stays in great shape, and is able to deliver maximum cooling performance.

Keep Furniture Away From The Air Vent:

How To Increase AC's Cooling Performance In The Room

As mentioned previously, if you have dark flooring or walls this extra heat load on your air conditioning unit won’t be counteracted by all that solar energy being blocked out by your blinds. This calls for lighter colored furnishing to reflect this radiant heat energy back into the room where it can be used to help cool down everyone in there. It also pays dividends to put some distance between your furniture and the air vents. Often times a lack of room circulation is what causes rooms to feel hot or stuffy. When the unit is on, make sure all the vents are fully open and unblocked, internally or externally.

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Reduce the use of your oven or heat-generating electronics on hot days:

How To Increase AC's Cooling Performance In The Room

The cooking process requires high temperatures, which will only add more heat load onto the air conditioning unit. If you cook on a hot day try using a microwave instead, as it doesn’t require nearly as much energy to cool down. Similarly, if possible the minimum use of electronics or machinery that generates heat on a large scale or even switching to a night-time use instead of daytime can increase the cold effect of the cooling system.


With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy an efficient and effective air-conditioned space that makes your home or working place even more comfortable throughout the summer months!

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