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Is It Safe to Leave Your AC On When You’re Not Home?

Is It Safe to Leave Your AC On When You’re Not Home?

You should always keep your air conditioning system on while you are not home. Whether or not to turn it off when you leave is a matter of personal preference, but there’s no need to be concerned about the energy waste.

Homeowners worry that they’re wasting money if their air conditioner runs when the unit is not being used. This is a common myth that has been around for years and persists as an urban legend. Of course, if it’s hot outside then the air conditioner will use electricity and cost money to run. However, turning off your unit when you’re away from home does nothing to save you money; in fact, it could end up costing you more!

Why Leave Your AC On When You’re Not Home?

Is It Safe to Leave Your AC On When You’re Not Home?


Leaving your air conditioning system on and running is beneficial because there won’t be any damage due to excess heat buildup inside the ducts or house until the system comes back on. Also, leaving your air conditioner running can help avoid problems associated with breakers tripping and motors burning out which can happen if the AC cycles on/off repeatedly during hot periods.

Your air conditioner uses less power to cool your home when it’s running continuously, rather than stopping and starting over and over again. You can run your AC around the clock at a temperature that is comfortable for you without worrying about high electric bills because most cooling systems are equipped with an energy-efficient feature that will turn off the fan after cooling has been reached in the house. This doesn’t make any difference in the cost of operation or how well it conditions indoor air, but it does keep you from wasting energy by having to switch your appliances back on later.

Set a Timer for Saving Energy 

If you want to leave your system on all day but don’t want to pay for electricity when nobody’s home, try putting it on a timer. The cost of running your air conditioner when you’re not there is no different from starting up any other appliance, such as a heater or dishwasher. Remember to be energy conscious and turn off the timer while you aren’t using it so you don’t waste energy and money while you sleep! Leaving your system on all day can prevent high electricity bills rather than cause them.

The myth that enabling the ‘automatic’ setting for your air-conditioning unit will damage it or increase your power bill has been widespread since central cooling was first introduced into our homes over sixty years ago. Programming the clock generally only costs pennies per month, which is less than what most people spend in one day without thinking about it by leaving their cell phones plugged into the wall.

If you’re concerned about your air-conditioning unit costing too much to run, or that leaving it on could be harmful to the system itself, contact an expert for advice! Most HVAC service technicians recommend keeping your cooling system on at all times while you’re away from the house during peak heat periods. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how long and when to use your AC consult a professional, like K2 Mechanical, before making changes yourself.

Myths about ​​Turning On Air Conditioner When Not Home

Several factors contribute to the myth of ​​turning off air conditioners when they are not being used. Many homeowners are under the impression that central air conditioning units should not be turned on if no one is home as a safety feature, to prevent damage from excess humidity and strain on the system. But this simply isn’t true! Air conditioners do not use more energy when they are continuously running rather than cycling on and off, even though it may seem that way. Homeowners should never turn off their cooling system during periods of extreme heat since the unit needs to be running for it to work efficiently, lending more credence to the theory that continuous operation saves money in the long run.

​Remember that turning your air conditioning unit on and setting it at a higher temperature just before you get home can save you up to twenty minutes of sweltering frustration after being cooped up all day! Central air units only use more electricity if they are being used on a higher setting, which is why it’s important to program the settings before you leave in the morning so you aren’t running up your bill with needless cooling.

During periods of high humidity and excessive heat, turning off your central air conditioning system can cause damage by forcing the unit to work harder when it restarts. By turning off your AC during this time, you will prevent potential overloads that could harm the compressor or other components of the system.


K2 Mechanical provides heating and cooling maintenance services that will ensure your system operates efficiently even if you were gone from the house 24/7. If you need a reliable company to take care of your air conditioning needs, give us a call today!

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