Mr. Heater Vs. Reznor

Mr. Heater Vs. Reznor: Which Heater to Choose?

Mr. Heater and Reznor are both well-known heater manufacturers with a long history. When selecting a heater, go with one that promises quality and performance. However, deciding which of the two brands is best for you cannot be easy. We researched and gathered all the information about this article’s brand.

Reznor HVAC is a good choice if you only care about product quality. The brand is a heating industry leader, with numerous positive reviews from contractors and homeowners. Mr. Heater, on the other hand, is half the price of Reznor.

Because of its affordability and availability, this brand is the more popular of the two. You should not choose the best brand solely based on which brands are popular among consumers. Examining the features of each brand is the best way to find the one that best meets your needs. We’ll go over all the details to help you decide which brand is best for you.

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What Are the Similarities Between Mr. Heater and Trent Reznor?

Both heater brands are known for producing high-quality heaters. Nonetheless, there are few similarities between the two brands, and each has its unique selling point. When comparing the products considered competitors, the only thing that Mr. Heater’s Big Maxx and Reznor’s UDAP series have in common is that they both come with natural gas to liquid propane conversion kits.

User feedback varies by brand, but both provide excellent customer service. Mr. Heater has a dedicated product recall page on his website to provide immediate assistance to customers who require product replacements.

What’s The Distinction Between Mr. Heater And Reznor?

Mr. Heater and Reznor’s products have some differences. The following are some features to look for when purchasing a heater. Let’s look at the characteristics of both brands in each category.

Brand Recognition

Customers like both Mr. Heater and Reznor, but contractors and homeowners prefer Reznor because of the higher quality of their products and the professional design of their heaters. Customer complaints about control board failures, heater fan board problems, and igniter problems are common in Mr. Heater’s reviews. These are the results of the brand making some production compromises to keep its products affordable.

Features Of Security

Mr. Heater Big Maxx features a fully enclosed, direct-drive fan. Reznor’s UDAP series includes touch-proof protection that surrounds the large fan on the back of the heater for added safety. Reznor also has a safety cut-off switch that automatically shuts off the gas supply in the event of overheating.

Product Lifecycle

There is no guarantee how long the heater will last, but Mr. Heaters can last an average of 3-5 years, according to users. This outcome is determined by how frequently the heater is used and how often the device is serviced.

Reznor, on the other hand, guarantees high-quality heaters built to last, and some customers claim that their heaters have outlasted competitors without issue.


Except for the 3-year warranty air heater line, Mr. Heater provides a 1-year limited warranty. These limited warranties cover replacement parts and products, not installation or other services. If the problem is thought to result from normal wear and tear or poor care by the owner, it may not be covered under warranty.

The Reznor warranty does not require product registration. All you need is your device’s serial number. The heat exchangers on the company’s UDAP/UDAS models are guaranteed for ten years, and replacement parts are guaranteed for five years. Reznor, like Mr. Heater, does not cover installation or other necessary services.

What Size Of Heater Should I Get?

Heaters that are not properly sized tend to work harder and have a shorter expected life. Select the appropriate size heater for your space to save money on future repairs and replacement parts.

How Do I Determine The Correct BTU For My Room Heater?

For larger garages and workplaces, we recommend the 50,000 BTU heater. Bathrooms and bedrooms, for example, require significantly less. Heaters designed for small spaces are slimmer and more compact than their high-performance counterparts.

Can I Install The Heater Myself?

Professional installation is the most secure option for industrial-sized units. However, most home-use devices can be installed after purchase. These products come with installation instructions and manuals.

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Which Heater Is Better Among Mr. Heater And Reznor?

Both Mr. Heater and Reznor have advantages and disadvantages; it is ultimately up to the buyer’s specific needs to determine which heater is best. We’ve discussed what makes a good heater and which one, regardless of brand, is appropriate for the needs of your space. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding on the type of heater to purchase, so think carefully about whether it’s worth your money.


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