Why HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Is Important For Your And Your Family’s Health

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is one of the most important, yet neglected items when it comes to home maintenance. Keeping your ducts clean will help improve your health, save you money on heating and cooling bills, reduce the chances of air contaminants entering your home and help increase the life of your HVAC system.

How Duct Cleaning Is Performed

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a process that must be performed on a ducted HVAC system to remove dust and debris from the ducts. This is done by using a specialized machine to move through the entire system and suck out the dirt and dust.

The function of this machine is similar to that of a household vacuum, but it has much larger hoses and a more powerful motor, as well as other features. The main difference between the two machines is that the hose of a vacuum cleaner is covered by fabric, while the hose of a duct cleaning machine is metal, which allows for more suction power.

The main step in duct cleaning is inspection. If you want to clean it, then you have to inspect it properly to find out the extent of the contamination. You can use a smoke machine to see the extent of the contamination. Once that is done, you need to clear the area where duct cleaning will be performed. This is because there will be a lot of dust flying around during the cleaning process.

What Is Air Duct Contamination?

Duct Cleaning

Air ducts typically contain several contaminants, including mold, mildew, asbestos, dust mites, and other allergens. The biggest problem with air duct contamination is that it is invisible to the naked eye.

The situation is made worse by the fact that most people are not aware of the fact that duct cleaning is even necessary until they or someone in their family develops significant respiratory problems.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that molds and mildew were present in 94% of the homes tested. When inhaled, mold spores can trigger allergic reactions or infections in humans or pets.

Items to Be Covered in HVAC Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning

A comprehensive list of the items to be covered in the HVAC cleaning service.

  • Air ducts 
  • Blower unit 
  • Ductwork 
  • Furnace: inside and out
  • Air filters: window units/split units, etc.
  • Service panel: inside and out (electrical)
  • Condenser unit: outside and inspection for proper operation; check belts for wear and cracks; check for any oil leaks around the compressor area; check electrical connections (all fuses should be intact)
  • Office equipment: (thermostats, timers, etc.) that are related to the HVAC system
  • Service duct

Hiring A Licensed Professional

Duct Cleaning

A licensed professional will have all the tools needed to clean your heating and cooling equipment. These tools include high-pressure vacuums, specialized brushes, and cleaning chemicals. They are also able to use electronic diagnostic devices to determine if your ductwork needs to be repaired or completely replaced. After completing the job, they will provide you with a certificate of cleaning.


HVAC air duct cleaning is important to the health of your family. We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has provided some valuable information for you.

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Duct Cleaning

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