hvac annual service

Reasons Why You Should Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually

Are you also questioning the same thing as others, whether you want annual maintenance of your HVAC system or not?

HVAC systems have several moving parts, including the compressor, motors, pumps, switches & relays. Each part contributes to the efficient functioning of your HVAC system, and thus requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance throughout the year.

Annual maintenance is vital for several reasons. Maybe there is a clog in the air filter, improper installation, or poorly maintained ductwork.  And if you have been experiencing increased utility bills, please pay attention to the maintenance process of your HVAC system because when you come home tired, you want your home very comfortable. Maintenance saves you a lot of trouble.

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Reasons You Should Have Regular Maintenance

Clean & Sterile Environment

hvac annual service

Did you know that a maintained HVAC system helps to keep your air clean and safe? A clean and peaceful environment is essential to the well-being of your family. HVAC systems can cause health problems if they are not maintained properly.

A cleaned and properly maintained system prevents dust, debris, allergens, mold spores, and other pollutants from entering your residence, and keeps your indoor air safer and healthier. They also prevent dust mites from living in your vents.

Air filters collect airborne particles that may harbor germs and pollutants, which is why it’s important to change them regularly. A regular and annual HVAC maintenance service can help you always maintain a healthy environment. The purpose of an air filter is to remove the pollutants from the air, and that is done by trapping them on the fibers of the filter medium.

Air filters should be replaced or cleaned at least once a month to keep your HVAC system running efficiently because the clogged or dirty air filters cannot only make it very uncomfortable for everyone in the house, especially during hot summer months or cold winter months but also become the cause of your heating or cooling system failure.

Extended Life of System

hvac annual service

An annual inspection and cleaning will extend the life of a system and help to keep the unit in good shape throughout the year. Heating and air conditioning systems are a major investment.

The smart use of preventative maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC system by years. They often last much longer than their intended warranty period and can run for decades when they are properly maintained.

Savings on Electricity Bill

hvac annual service

If not cleaned regularly, the dirty filters can cause the blower fan motor to run extra to push more air causing the unit to use unnecessary electricity. Simultaneously, the tuning and maintaining of parts like belts or relays regularly can also save your HVAC system draw more energy. In conclusion, the annual maintenance of your heating & cooling units reduces your anxiety and protects you to pay large utility bills.

Peace of Mind

hvac annual service

HVAC systems keep the temperature calculated to ensure optimal comfort. If one part breaks down, it can cause a domino effect on other parts and lead to major problems with heating and cooling and will create anxiety for you.

When you come home exhausted and find out about the increase in electricity bill, poor health of the children and poor performance of your system, this could disturb your mental health. So, it’s better to maintain the system than to get stuck in these situations.

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The HVAC maintenance process is an essential part of a healthy home. It’s what keeps your family comfortable and you away from needing to replace the system prematurely. The truth is that most people don’t know how to properly maintain their HVAC units, which is why they end up having to deal with the high costs of unforeseen replacement or repairs. We are here to help you. For more information check on https://k2mechanical.com/

hvac annual service


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